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About our Flags and Flag Etiquette

Our Canada Flags are available in various sizes, fabrics, and finishes. The smallest at 4"x6" to as large as you can imagine! You can also be assured that all of our Canada Nylon Flags are actually made in Canada!

Most flags are either an act of courtesy and pride (national flags) or advertising (company logos) it is best to have them in top condition by changing them regularly. Flags are an inexpensive and highly visible means to advertise your company.

Q-How do I dispose of my old Canada flag?
A-When a flag is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display and cannot be repaired, it should be disposed of privately by burning.

Q-What size flag should I fly on my flag pole?
A-Your flag size should reflect your flag pole. For a porch pole (a flag pole off of a structure) your flag should never be longer than your flag pole. Your flag should be able to fly completely around your flag pole freely without coming into contact with anything.
When flying a flag on your in ground yard pole your flag should be 1/3 to ¼ of your flag pole when your flag is draped down your flag pole. Do take into account the diameter of your flag pole, how it is installed and the material your flag pole is made of (for strength) when deciding the size of your new flag.

Q-Grommet or rope/toggle?
A-This is the finish you use to attach a flag to your halyard or flag pole.
Grommets are most popular as they are modern and simple. This finish gives you two round grommets that you can use to attach your flag to your flag pole. Always use flag clips of some type of proper flag fasteners to attach your flag to your flag pole. It is not recommended to use cable fasteners (due to potential sharp surface) or any other type of rough edged fastener that may snag or catch the fabric. Rope/toggle is the official Canadian way to fly a flag. Canada adopted this finish from our historic flags before our current Canada flag was designed. A rope/toggle finish is easy to attach to any flag pole. Just secure your toggle to the top clip or attachment. The rope runs internally down the hoist of the flag and continues on for approximately 12 inches. Take this rope and tie an overhand loop. Use this loop to attach to your bottom clip or fastener. Rope and toggle finish is a strong finish that places the stress of flying evenly down the hoist side of the flag. Both finishes should work with most flag poles. Choosing a finish is a personal preference.

Q-What fabric is good for me?
A-We offer many fabric choices in our international flag collection. All of our fabrics are for outdoor or indoor use. We feature a variety of fabrics for a variety of reasons.

NYLON 70 Denier (70d) High Tenacity Nylon - A lightweight fabric that flies in the gentlest of breezes, washes well in the rain and has excellent image qualities. Meets minimum specifications for Government of Canada. 200/210 (200d/210d) High Tenacity Nylon - A heavyweight nylon, great for places that require extra strength to endure constant winds (example: waterfront property). 200 Denier Nylon Flags are also available hand sewn are our most popular fabric for custom digital printing.
POLYESTER Polyknit - Knitted polyester with a loose weave (is more mesh like than nylon) fly’s well in wind. Less expensive than nylon but trap particles more easily due to the loose weave.
Spun – Woven fabric, tight weave, has good image quality, life span is great in wind environments
Econo-Polyester - An economical and quiet fabric suitable for indoor and seasonal outdoor use. Features great colour due to very tight weave.


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