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Decorative Flags and Garden Flags F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How do I prevent my decorative flag from wrapping around my pole?
A-For regular size decorative flags we recommend poles equipped with anti-wrap kits. The anti-wrap kit reduces stress on the flag by allowing it to move around the pole and avoid tangling. Always use a flag pole where the collar and clip move freely around the flagpole – and clip to the tab inside the sleeve of the decorative flag. Never use a wood pole without a plastic sleeve. Most metal or fibreglass poles do not need an extra sleeve but a freely moving collar and clip is necessary.

Q-Are some flags better quality than others?
A-We pride ourselves in selling the best quality decorative flags available. There are some things to watch for in a good quality flag. Sublimated or Heat set are the best treatment for a fade resistant art flag. Silk screen treatments are not fade resistant, usually are less expensive and do not have as long a life. Applique flags are made with different quality nylons and stitching. Some are more fade and wind resistant than others (ask questions before you buy your flags). Applique flags with a cleaner fly end and no areas where the wind can pull the fabric loose are a better value. Do look at the construction of your flag. The applique flags that we sell are the most fade resistant that we can find and we are careful of clean flowing fly ends.

Q-How often should I change my flag?
A- Ideally you should change your flag a minimum of 3 times a year. This truly extends the life of your flag. This allows you to inspect your flag, changes your decorative look with the season, and will aid in keeping your flag looking fresher longer.

Q-Why is the edge of my flag wearing?
A-When your flag is wearing on the bottom edge do become a detective and take a really good look at the location of your flag. Look for any rough edges or anything the fly end can rub on to cause the edge of your flag to fray. Your flag should be able to fly completely 360 degrees around your staff without coming into contact with anything. Do make sure your flag pole is longer than your flag. . . sometimes a longer flagpole is needed to keep your decorative flag away from your eaves trough and roofline.

Q-My garden flag is gone!
A-Sometimes wind currents can work a garden flag off of a garden stand. Sometimes moving the angle of the way your flag is facing is enough to help with the wind removing your flag for you. A rubber flag stopper is also another way to stop the wind from removing your flag from your stand.

Q- How should I store my decorative Flags?
A. Keep your collection close to where you fly your flags. We find that a closet near your flag pole Is the best. May people hang their flags in this closet in order of the way they fly. Garden flags work great on pant hangers (you can slide the sleeve onto the bar) . Some multi pant hangers work really well and take up less room in your closet. Larger decorative flags will hang on skirt hangers, when you clip the sleeve of your flag loosely folded in half to the clips on the hangers. Some people like to use a plastic storage container or box on a shelf. This will work great but sometimes leaves a fold mark on your flag if your collection is large. Never store your flags near a place where they can fall and be misplaced. Keep all of your seasons together so you can easily check what you are planning to fly next, that you have your next holiday, that it is good repair and clean and does or does not need updating.

Q-Can I have too many flags?
A. We don’t think so. Always fly your favourites. You can always put out a secondary or third display space. Sometimes you can fly in the front and the back of a property. Inside displays are also great. Be creative on where you can fly, remember that they're not just for outdoor decorating. Banner poles for garden and regular decorative flags work great on walls, stairwells, on doors, windows and even on curtain rods. Use your collection to add colour and fun designs to children’s rooms, playrooms and classrooms. Great for windows and doors of family and friends who live in retirement communities. Flags also can add personalization to office and work space.

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